Why Hvar?

Why should you choose Hvar?

Hvar is a stunningly beautiful island, with a flavour of its own. It has both amazing beaches and a mountain which can be climbed to admire the fortress and the magnificent view of the sea.

In May, Hvar is overwhelmed by the lavender festival and everything in Hvar smells like lavender. Tourists can purchase so many products made from it.

During the summer, Hvar is simply pulsating with energy, the evenings are fantastic and unforgettable, there is always somewhere you can go and party.

What about Hvar Nightlife?

Nights in Hvar can be described as a mix of relaxation, fantastic food, beautiful people and luxury.

In the summer evenings, the sun sets and brings the lovely “Golden Hours” over the island, which is an absolute heaven for passionate photographers. The Hvar town then becomes a fantastic place which offers so much for everyone – lots of clubs for those who like to party all night; romantic walks along the seashore, while feeling the sea breeze and hearing the waves; restaurants, pizzerias, which are offering amazing fresh products. At night time, you can either grab a beer and relax while admiring the luxurious yachts, or you can walk around and maybe even find a live concert. Hvar is such a gorgeous town which comes alive at night, when so many young people go out to have fun and meet eachother. It’s simply pulsating with energy, during the long fantastic summer nights.

Hvar is definitely an experience which you will NEVER forget! However – once you come to Hvar, you will become addicted, and will want to get back again, and again, and again! You have been warned!

If you would like to see a few photos of the gorgeous Hvar, please visit this website: Hvar Photostream (photos brought to you by Andrei Cristof)

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